Monday, May 11, 2009

Here I go...

After following over a hundred blogs on gaming, movies, comics and pretty much anything else that catches my fancy I've decided it's my turn to dip my toe in the blogo-sphere. I've decided to make this blog about two of the three topics I'm passionate about. Kaiju, and Role playing (the third passion of course being my finance, who might on occasionally say a word or two about.)

So who is this blog for? Everyone who has ever attempted to figure out how many attacks Rodan would get per round. it's for everyone who has ever complained about a Dragon Turtle's steam attack (Everyone Knows Gamera breaths FIRE, not steam!.) This is a blog for everyone who has ever used the "Terror of Mechagodzilla" as the basisfor a Mechwarrior campaign. So in short this blog is for me and one guy in Korea who is working a a True20 "Dragon Wars" homebrew.

1 comment:

  1. ...oh, oh, well.
    I was excited at the prospect, but if it is a boys' club, then I guess I will just schlep along somewhere else...

    On second thought, I'll Follow, --if only to get a heads-up on when the alien monster invasion is going to start.